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You crave convenience.

You're a long-time season subscriber that plans to renew no matter what.

You want to be first in line for upgrades.*

*Subject to availability and restrictions

Pay $100 deposit now and forget about deadlines! Money-back guaranteed if you're not satisfied with the season line-up or pricing.


Enroll today with a $100 (fully refundable) deposit. This is only charged upon enrollment and is applied to your package cost.


1. To enroll, log into your online account and select the 'Invoice' tab on the top navigation bar.

220223 Auto Renew Invoice Screen.png

2. Select your payment plan option using the dropdown on the left side of the screen. 

220224 AR Updated screenshot.PNG

3. Add your payment method using the 'Add Payment Method' button below the Payment Options box. After you've entered your payment method, read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to accept. When finished, click or tap 'Pay Now' to complete your Auto Renew enrollment.

220223 Auto Renew Pay Now Screen.png

Approximately one week prior to season announcement, we will notify you that we will process your auto renewal. Then, when the season is announced, we'll charge your card according to your designated payment plan (Single, 2, 4 or 6 payments) and you'll be all set.  If you aren't happy with the season or price and want to cancel your tickets, contact us within 30 days of the first charge and we will issue a full refund and cancel your seats.

Once enrolled in Auto Renew, you will be automatically renewed season after season. We will always notify you prior to charging your selected payment method. If you change your mind and want to un-enroll you can do so at any time without penalty by contacting the season ticket office.