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1. Select 'My Account' from the top navigation menu. Login using your email or account number and password. 

2. After logging into your account, select 'Buy Tickets/Packages' at the bottom of the window.

Buy tickets.PNG

3. Navigate through the list of items and select your desired performance date and time. You can also filter the list in the 'View Tickets' window on the left.

view tickets.PNG
view tickets.PNG
select event 2.PNG

4. Select your new seats from the seat map and click 'add to cart.' Please Note: You must enable flash in your browser to use the seat map.

select seats add.PNG

5. Confirm your additional charges and delivery method then enter your billing information.

shopping cart.PNG

6. Review your order, agree to the terms of use and select 'submit order.' Your purchase is complete ONLY after you have selected 'submit order.'

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