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1. Select 'My Account' from the top navigation menu. Login using your email and password. 

2. After logging into your account, select 'Invoice' from the top menu. 


3. Select '2020-21 Season Renewal' from the left menu which will display your 7-show total and Kelli O'Hara Awards donation of $10. Should you wish to opt out of the donation just select 'Remove' on that line item. Otherwise, select 'Continue' to proceed.


4. Next, select the show you wish to drop. Then press 'Submit'. Should you wish to keep all 7 shows, simply select 'I want to keep all my shows!'. Please note, the refund for dropped shows will be issued after the upgrade window in May.


5. The next two windows will confirm your desired payment plan and method of purchase.


To purchase any extra season special, you must log off and log back into your account after completing your renewal. Then select 'Buy' from the main navigation menu. From there, select your performance, select seats, input payment information and complete your purchase.

6. Enter your credit card's CVV number (3 digits on back of card), agree to the terms and conditions then select 'Pay Now' to complete your renewal.