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My song includes a dance number. Should I perform the dance or skip that section?

If it is a solo dance, participants should perform the dance. If it is chorus dancing, it can be skipped. However, we ask that you choose a song with the least amount of choreography and choose one that shows off your vocal and acting talents. 

Can I have my piece professionally recorded?

No, participants should self-record so that no applications have any advantages over the other. You can read more about video submission and guidelines for self-recording here. 

As a director, do I need to submit a DVD of our production?

To limit contact, we are asking for all production submissions to be sent via Dropbox. The Kelli O'Hara Awards coordinator will reach out to you with a link once you have submitted an application.

Where can I submit my individual video?

Who is eligible for Best Actor and Best Actress?

For the 2020-2021 Award year, schools who are unable to submit full musicals can submit 2 students for Best Actor and 2 students for Best Actress. Schools who are submitting a full musical, any student in a 'Qualifying Role' is eligible to participate.

My question isn't listed here. 

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