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FlipGrid Instructions

Videos submitted to FlipGrid are private by default and cannot be seen by any other participant. Please DO NOT share your video submission on social media or with friends and family members. Read below for instructions on submitting your video on a desktop or mobile device.

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A screenshot of the FlipGrid page

After you've gained access to "The 2021 Kelli O'Hara Awards Video Submission" grid, navigate to the topic titled "Individual Video Submissions." Click the orange and pink "Record a Response" button.

Without a Web Cam:

A screenshot of the camera error message on FlipGrid

With a Web Cam:

A screenshot of the open camera window in FlipGrid

A new window will open. If you have a web camera, the camera will display. Click the 'Options' button and then 'Upload Clip' to upload your submission. If you do not have a web camera, an error message will display. Click the 'Import Video' button to upload your submission.

Follow the instructions on FlipGrid to complete the upload process.



To submit a video from a mobile device, you must first install the app first. The FlipGrid app is available on the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

Once you've installed the app and gained access to "The Kelli O'Hara Awards Video Submission" grid, navigate to the topic titled "Individual Video Submissions." Tap the red circle in the bottom right corner.

Your front facing camera will open. Tap the 'Options' button next to the center button, then tap "Upload Clip."

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After uploading the video, you'll be asked to select a cover photo and fill our three optional fields. The cover photo feature cannot be disabled. Feel free to snap a picture of the ceiling, the wall or your headshot. Your submission will not be judged based on the cover photo. 

Please complete the optional fields according to the following instructions: 

  • First Field - Type your full first and last name. 

  • In the description field - type the name of your song, the show it is from, and the name of your school.

  • The link field can be left blank.

Tap 'Submit.'

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